Spinning reflection

I decided to focus my mapping spinning project on how the use of color matches the amount of intensity in the moment of the story. While I realizer that this is largely opinion based I tried my best to think about how much yellow was on each page compared to what was happening in the story. Doing this allowed me to learn more about why the author used different amounts off colors in different parts of the book. While I noticed the different amounts of yellow as I was reading I don’t believe that I would have had the same understanding on how it was used if I didn’t do this assignment. This is the main reason I decided to do this project about this. I wanted to see how the author many of through about how she was using the different colors. To construct the map I then looked at the data I constructed and decided to figure out what was the best way to illustrate my map. I think map succeeds in that it does depict how yellow and intensity correlate. Yet, the problem is that the numbers are completely option based so it lacks a lot of detail that would make it better.

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